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Your life will be made better by using these hot key shortcuts:

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Does Honesty = Truth?

Sonmi - Cloud Atlas

“Truth is singular – its versions are mistruths!” – David Mitchell, “Cloud Atlas”
To put it another way, Ozzy writes brilliantly in the introduction of his autobiography that what you are about to read is based solely on what he remembers, the fact that it may be clouded is meant to be inferred but that his intentions are to be as honest as he can be given all circumstances. …Read More

Your Name in Lights!!

Your Name in Lights

The film industry has stood as one of the largest industries in the world. While it isn’t important what the statistics are, what is important is our want of the theater and stage. Why are we drawn to it? …Read More


Mike Acoustic and Vocals


Anthony – Here is a quick post of me performing a couple of tunes. “Big Big Bang” by Rock Mafia and then “Smooth” by Santana. I just did partials of these songs but this should give what you need. …Read More


Tubemeister 18 by Hughes and Kettner

Tubemeister 18 by Hughes and Kettner

Low watt, high gain tube amp – perfect for gigging! Killer tone, easy to retube and fits in a carry bag…and don’t forget tons of volume.

If you’re not familiar with tube amps then you may be thinking 18 watts isn’t very loud. …Read More

"Hawker Elite" by Agile Guitars

Agile Hawker Elite

Never heard of Agile guitars? These are well worth checking out and the price point is incredible for the amount of guitar you are getting.

Two of my students showed up for their lessons with the Agile Les Pauls and I was very pleasantly surprised at the tremendous attention to detail. …Read More